Monday, March 1, 2010


This is from the now-defunct site which once housed the definitive history of Spookshow In Your Pants:


The phenomenon known as Spookshow In Your Pants started in 1990 after the accidental combination and ingestion of several household cleaning products. Charles Nelson Reilly appeared to members of the band wearing a poodle skirt and floating in clouds of ammonia/chlorine gas, whereupon he commissioned the composition of music befitting his eventual 1000 year reign on earth before the seven seals are opened and the apes take over. SSIYP met this challenge head on and immediately began constructing an immense cream cheese pipe organ (to this day the backbone of their sound) in order to properly convey his mighty, nasal glory. Their sonic scope expanded in 1993 after second-dealing their way through a high stakes poker game and winning a Vegas novelty act consisting of a six piece horn section played by specially trained cats. Tragedy befell the band in '97 when it was discovered their lead singer, despite his protests to the contrary, didn't actually exist. SSIYP immediately re-grouped and, hoping to ride the lucrative boy-band trend to the top of the charts, began their strictly enforced policy of mandatory cheekbone implants, some members sporting up to seven or eight pairs. The dawn of a new century brought exciting changes, finally, in the form of a recording contract! If the band agreed to buy seven more at regular prices within the scope of two years, it read, they could get the first six CDs for only a penny. It was during this period they composed their masterwork, the title of which no one bothered to remember; the master tapes unfortunately ending up baked in a pudding. Currently the band is wishing away their future without actively pursuing a single goal in a tangible manner. This may continue for some time.

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  1. This is like "A Child Called It" gone horribly, horribly wrong...