Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Young Forever

I know. Me posting a Jay-Z clip is like seeing a Miley Cyrus video that has a severed head and a rape scene, or a 50 Cent concert featuring a surprise, walk on appearance by Wayland Flowers and Madame. (I guess it would be quite the surprise, since the man, and presumably his puppet, have been dead for years.) This is so top-40, so unlike who I am. Except that back in the day when I was coming of age I was a HUGE Alphaville fan--the band that wrote the original song Mr. Z is rapping over. "Forever Young" was in fact my favorite out of all they did. What Jay-Z has done here is vocalize in no uncertain terms the thoughts and feelings this song evoked when I listened to it all those years ago, although perhaps far more eloquently than I could have put into words at the time, since I was all about zingers and never putting my real feelngs out there. Decades down the road, the original words and Jay-Z's addition cause me to experience the song with a whole new meaning, given that I'll be rounding the corner soon enough and the feeling of immortality has been replaced by the fear that you never know when they're going to close down the show. So live like you're young, savor every opportunity, or as Warren Zevon advised when he knew he was terminal, "Enjoy every sandwich."

Oh, one more thing. A rap video where they censor the word "weed." What the hell is wrong with you kids?

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