Friday, February 26, 2010

Death In The Beanmobile

This is one of the few moments where Spookshow In Your Pants let go of the notion of being regarded as an internationally popular artiste, which indeed we are, but just let down their hair and had some fun. I had watched the Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon, featuring the title song by R.E.M and thought "wouldn't it be funny if the Spookshow sound were used in an R.E.M. tune?" or, along the same lines, "what if R.E.M did a Spooskshow In Your Pants cover?" The notion was too funny to just let sit there, so I banged out this one in an afternoon. Alas, the problem with parody is that it often goes unnoticed. My friend Richard, when he heard this one, said, "Sounds like Lou Reed's New York album." Yep. Exactly what I was going for, and how perceptive of him to notice.

Want some lyrics?

Once there was a man who dressed up like a frying pan
and he drove his magic beanmobile to lower Harlem.
Once there was a girl who let her flappy tits unfurl
and she flapped 'em just like angel wings to lower Harlem.

And we knew the two would meet
And we knew that the two would meet
Yeah we knew that the two would meet
on the street
in lower Harlem.

She descended upon the beanmobile
She descended upon the beanmobile
She descended upon the beanmobile
and she looked pretty pissed.

She used her magic tits to cover up the little slits
where the man could breathe in his frying pan suit.
And he choked and he choked and he choked.
You could hear him choke but she laughed like it was a joke.

This is what the neighbors heard
as he suffocated in his frying pan suit
in the beanmobile
in lower Harlem:

Oh yes, absolutely. Lou Reed. R.E.M. I scare myself sometimes with my awesome talent for osmosis.

Click on the title to listen or (yawn) download.

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