Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tales From The Bus Part Two

This is me reading a true-life adventure for the never-realized Spookshow In Your Pants Radio Show. I think I did a crappy job; it would have came off much better if I'd just told the story without reading from a script. But Delmer wanted the story so here it is. Background noise is by non-descript.

As usual, click on the title if you want to listen to my devastating impression of a street person.

You're right, I don't think "delusionary" is an actual word, either.


  1. while interesting, that's not the encounter I'm familiar with. PS told me of a story you'd mentioned to him about a guy who menaced you as you tried to make your way up the street. He may have been on a bike.

  2. Oh, THAT! I'll write that one up soon; thanks for the reminder. Always looking for good story ideas.