Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lamb Chops and Jello

This is another ancient one recorded on horrendous eqipment. I like it much better as a piece of songwriting as compared to the way it turned out. Since the recording quality is so crappy, once again I'm compelled to post the lyrics in hopes someone will see what it could have been instead of what it is:

A tiny little dollop of domesticity
can get you all you want
A momentary break in your quest for dominance
A useful little taunt
A glimmer of a hint of a perfect lifestyle
A teasing show of how it could be
Gone would be the squabbles and the slow resentment
Just like on TV
A tiny little dollop of domesticity
Just enough to further the lie
The two of you together on equal terms
Both of you dividing the pie
Secretly you know equality is miserable
What you want is your wil as law
Secretly you know that if you can't have it your way
you'd just as soon not have it at all
You dump the big charade on your unsuspecting mate
You play house not wanting to be rude
"Which one of us is bringing the bread?" you ask politely
then pray for solitude
The lonely cynic sings of how he sees it everywhere
while a nation full of couples scoff
"What a stupid song," they say then go to bed
and think of someone else to get off

Click on the title to listen to this amateurish piece of fluffle or save it to your hard drive.

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