Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This was back in the synth-rock incarnation of Spookshow In Your Pants, and while my vocals sound like the love child of Paul Lynde and Charles Nelson Reilly, I gotta admit I like this tune and even the instrumentation despite all its weedy, faux-industrial hoo-hah. Still, I'd love to do it over in a more contemporary fashion and someday I might. Here's the words, as best I can recall them:

Did you know
where you're concerned
I'm not right and terrified of being burned?
Did you know
inside my head
a crazy fucker butchers all the things you've said?
He tells me
it's all untrue
makes up nasty shit about the things you do.
Sealed up in a box again
Hiding from the real again inside my shell of doom and gloom
Strangling on contrived suspicion
Frightened by a mirage
Put me in a rubber room
Jealousy is based on fear
The strange belief that when you're gone I disappear
Could it be
the voices say
I am one of several whom you treat this way?

Is it me that needs replaced?
Is that what you're searching for in cyberspace?
Answer me!
I swear this oath:
If I find you've lied I'm going to kill us both
Close to cracking up entirely
Insecure and mad and quickly driving off the rails
Scarring up my arms again
Crucified by utterly imaginary nails

Yes, I was well aware there was a Sabbath tune by the same name when I did this. Click on the title to listen or save forever.

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