Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Difficult Listening Show

This is a concert by the noise super-group Vulnavia, consisting of members from Spookshow In Your Pants, Non-Descript, Louisiana Crunch Cake, Synthetic Sound and Pubic Jaz. This band is jarring, edgy and entirely fictional. What you get here is all of our stuff chopped and re-cut and layered on top of one another. It's taken from sessions where Spookshow In Your Pants and Non-Descript jammed with Pubic Jaz, Louisiana Crunch Cake rocked with Non-Descript in my living room, Spookshow played with Non-Descript and so on and so on. But we were never all together in the same place at any one time. Hell, Synthetic Sound hasn't collaborated with any of us.

But I slapped all of our stuff together and created the entirely fake band, Vulnavia. It's noizy, harsh and rough. Left to our own devices we'd all do entirely different things, but mashed together this is what you get. Click on the title to listen (you can download, but at 18 minutes it's a huge honking file.)


  1. what are you using to load audio?

  2. "Fluffy scones with lemon zest." I should have fucking walked that day.