Friday, February 26, 2010

Even It Out

So the crazy landlady mentioned in 'Cat People' and sampled in 'Separation' was too drunk to find the rent check I'd stuck through her mail slot in her 'ortist' studio and was too lazy to sort through her mounds of junk mail that had been piled on top of it since I'd put it there. I'd just landed a new boyfriend, I had a new roommate who was more difficult to live with than Beth; times were just not right for waging a legal battle. Her attorney showed up at the door, I visited him at his office and it was just a nasty time. Eventually she showed up there with the original rent check I'd put through the slot, saying "Whoopsie! Found it!" and her own attorney told me "You know, she's an artist, and there's a fine line between being an artist and being nuts, and I think she's crossed that line." The beginning barrage in this tune consists of telephone calls between me and the crazy landlord arguing about the check, the new boyfriend, the creepy new roomate and the attorney, then launches into a musical interpretation of how my head felt at the time. Even it out, indeed! Somehow I managed to.

Oh yes, the very last part is when I crawled back from a bar, more shitfaced than I'd ever been, and plugged in a mic just to see what would happen. There are healthier ways of keeping the demons at bay but at the time I couldn't think of any.

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