Monday, February 15, 2010


Gigantopithecus is a truly remarkable local band. One guitarist, one drummer, that's it, but they can sound like a huge band backed by a symphony orchestra. I heard their music from blocks away (they were appearing at an oudoor concert) and as I approached I kept wondering, "Is someone playing a cello? Oh, it's a band with a cellist. Oh, it's a band with a full string section. Jesus, how many guitarists does a band fucking need? What is that?" and was blown away to discover this massive sound was only two people. Nick and Colin are technical virtuosos; the playing was just amazing. Plus at first I thought Nick was a woman. There is nothing hotter than that sort of confusion. The video really doesn't do them justice, but it does feature a surprise walk-on cameo.

Click on the title to go to their myspace page. Be sure and check out Untitled 1 and Untitled 2. Yummy, delicious and dreamy music. (Untitled 2 is especially lickable.) Thing is, when you listen to this you'd think they'd filled up 48 tracks but those boys can do it live. You watch their set and you just want to puke with jealousy. Absolutely incredible.

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