Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Square Danse Macabre

Another one from the vaults (this time, quite literally.) Wretched, wretched vocals and production values but still, I think, a fun song containing all the political correctness you've come to expect from Spookshow In Your Pants. Click on the title to hear or save it.

Mn, the sound quality is so lousy, mabe I better post the words:

(Spoken:) I don't buy your life-oriented morality. I despise your necrophobic view of romance. I just wanna go down. Down. Down. Down to the zombie square dance.

Dig me up a teenage redneck drunk driving statistic
Take me to the hoedown of the dead
Find a pretty carcass with a thing for boys and lipstick
Take it home and throw it's ass in bed
That's what it wants
That's what it wants
And the little dead thing with the cute butt crawls from the wreckage of the crashed Corvette
And the little dead thing with the cute butt ain't going back to the grave just yet
And the little dead thing with the cute butt wiggles it and lights up a cigarette
'Cause the little dead thing with the cute butt wants to be somebody's pet
Necromantic love child
Happy that it died
When you spread for the dead there's maggots in the bed but you feel all sanctified
You can get your butt greased by the recently deceased and you're so damn glad you tried
When you're sick of all the giving and you're fed up with the living and you got no soul inside
It'll taste kind of funny but eventually Honey you'll swallow formaldehyde
Necromantic love child
Toll the fucking bell
Cause a laddie or a lass with a decomposed ass ain't never gonna kiss and tell
And the dear departed ain't never done farted that's just the way they smell
Throw down
Go down
Hump that corpse!
Necromantic love child
Hear the angels sing
When you wanna get laid with the partially decayed there's nothing that you need to bring
When you're working up a lather with a cute cadaver just fuck 'em till you squirt their spleen
'Cause playing it safe with a little dead waif is so goddamn boring
Ain't no dead lover ever made you wear a rubber on the end of your little dead thing
That's what they want
That's what they want
That's what they want

So there ya go. Just your average, bi-sexual, necrophilla-themed pedophile love ditty. Why I'm not on the radio remains a mystery.

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